Thursday, 6 November 2014

What did I learn?

 The Hungarian Team of five ANGIEs participaited in all Workshops:

1. FOOD, trend watcher
2. Dance . Flamenco
3. Spanish language
4. Preparing original Tapas
5. Single loop and double loop learning
6. Social Media - Thread or Tool
7. Painting (theme:Europe 2050)
8. Spanish Culture

Our biggest experiences:

All of the spanish young people who led the Flamenco Workshop had an amazing abaility to play musical instruments. They really are into their traditional music, they can feel the rhytm and pass on the passion of flamenco.

There are big differencies in accepting nearly raw meat (cooked only 4 minutes at 250 C) in meals in different countries of Europe. There are countries in which such raw meat and meals prepared with it are definitely not accepted. Spanish cuisine uses raw materials especially in the traditional starters called Tapas.

 As for the Spanish culture, it was definitely a more memorable experience to watch an old master of handycrafts working than listening to a presentation on the country's history.

It is remarkable that mutual goodwill and motivation can help you a lot in communication when there is a language barrier between colleagues. If  you really want to do it you will find a way to express yourself  with only words, gestures and the smile.

"Grasp all, lose all" is true to language learning as well. We went through lots of expressions in 0,5 an hour and after the workshop we could hardly remember any of them.

Our biggest surprises:
The dish that looked like fish turned out to be a kind of DESSERT!